The Institute for Child Success Annual Research Symposium gathers research on programs, policies, and initiatives generating positive and proven outcomes for children and their families.

This exciting research is presented at a level relevant and accessible to practitioners and policy makers, and is designed to challenge participants to broaden their understanding of early childhood health and wellness, and the factors that influence this critical time in a child's development

The 2016 Early Childhood Research Symposium will feature three tracks:

Education, Health, and Community and Systems Change. 


The education track will focus primarily on pedagogical best practices for early learning (ages 0-5). 


The health track will examine brain development, brain function, pediatric care, and their impacts on the developing child. 


community + systems change

This track will explore the importance of place and community in the life of the young child, and will highlight research-based understandings of the relationships between communities, families, children, and their ultimate ability to experience lifelong success.

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